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Walking, falls and wheelchair accessories

Includes sections on walking, falls, sitting and standing and wheelchair and scooter accessories..


Image of Walking

Indoor and outdoor mobility advice and product ideas. We only show basic mobility equipment accessories on this website as mobility equipment can be dangerous to the user if it is not suitable for them or is not set to the correct setting / height. When considering aids such as walking frames and wheelchairs an individual assessment is recommended.


Image of Falls Advice and information on obtaining help if you fall, both in the home and when out in the community.

Wheelchair and scooter accessories

Image of Wheelchair and scooter accessories Includes wheelchair bags, canopies, trays, tyres and batteries as well as gloves and outdoor clothing designed for use in a wheelchair.

Sitting and standing

Image of Sitting and standing Advice and product ideas relating to standing up and sitting down from various surfaces - within the home and the car.

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