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You have just undertaken a self assessment to learn about equipment that might assist you in everyday life. There may be safety implications when using this equipment and individual factors that determine which equipment best suits your needs. The information you received today is not a substitute for individual assessment. We strongly recommend that you arrange an assessment with an occupational therapist or appropriate health care professional before purchasing any daily living equipment that may affect your balance, mobility, posture, pressure care, ability to summon help, or general safety. You need to consider if the equipment will work as you intend when you are in your home environment. Ideally you should trial the equipment at home before purchase.

You may be entitled to an assessment from your councils Social Services department if:
• You are at least 18 years old and are disabled or have certain types of need (e.g. arising from illness, frailty or the fact that you are elderly).
• You are under 18 years old and are disabled or what Social Services term a "child in need".
• You regularly provide a substantial amount of care to somebody else.

By undertaking this self assessment you have not affected any right you may have to a Social Services assessment. In fact, if you are assessed by Social Services it may be helpful if you share this report and your answers with your assessor. You can find contact details for your councils Social Services department in your local telephone directory or on the GOV.UK website www.gov.uk/find-your-local-council

If you decide to buy any of the items of equipment listed in this report yourself, you should read the instructions for use very carefully. If you are in any doubt, or for further information, seek advice either from the equipment supplier or manufacturer. Contact the suppliers for illustrated leaflets and current price lists. Some suppliers offer free, no obligation home demonstrations. We recommend you look for suppliers who are members of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA). Members of the BHTA sign up to a code of practice designed to ensure the public can trust that members will give a good service.

You may be eligible for VAT relief when buying certain items of daily living equipment as disabled individuals are often exempt from paying VAT when they buy equipment that has been designed solely for disabled people. The rules about VAT relief are complex, for further information complete AskSARAs guide to VAT relief on products and services for disabled individuals and visit the directgov VAT relief web page.

If you need impartial advice before buying equipment, please contact the DLF Helpline on: 0300 999 0004, email advice@dlf.org.uk or read our factsheets on the DLF website www.dlf.org.uk. You will find advice about many types of equipment on our new website www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk

By clicking on 'view your report' you acknowledge that you have read and understood the above advice as well as our User Policy.

Eating and drinking

Before making any decisions about using or buying eating and drinking equipment for your child, we would advise you to seek advice from an expert.

A speech and language therapist can provide advice if feeding difficulties are caused through chewing and swallowing food or liquid. This may sometimes result in the recommendation of a modified texture diet.

An occupational therapist can advise on eating and drinking techniques, and equipment to overcome various difficulties.

You may also wish to read our advice on practical issues around choosing and using children's eating and drinking equipment.


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