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AskSARA gives you expert, personalised advice at your fingertips

Your health

Medication management, vision and hearing, memory, mobility and more.

Your home

Living arrangements, household locations, fixtures and fittings and more.

Daily activities

Eating and drinking, personal care, leisure, help in emergencies and more.


Sports, play, travel, reading, eating, bathing, toileting and more.

Why use AskSARA?

AskSARA is free and easy to use

AskSARA is an award-winning online self-help guide providing expert advice and information on products and equipment for older and disabled adults and children.

Receive a Personalised Report

Answer some questions about yourself and your environment and you’ll receive a free personalised report, providing clear, tailored advice written by experts on ways to help with your daily activities.

Impartial information and expert advice

Advice is written by Occupational Therapists and equipment experts: we do not push products, but offer recommendations based on your answers.

The UK’s only comprehensive and up-to-date database

AskSARA links straight through to DLF’s website Living made easy, giving access to over 10,000 daily living products from over 1,000 suppliers, allowing you to decide which supplier to contact.

Benefits of using AskSARA


Over ninety topics to choose from

Explore your options and gain confidence in finding solutions that suit you


Read clear, tailored advice

Content is written by DLF’s team of Occupational Therapists and equipment experts


Save and share your report with family, friends and care workers

Advice and tips on products, with further help and contacts for more information


DLF's advice is trusted by 1 million visitors a year

Advice is governed by the NHS's The Information Standard

Advice you can trust

The information on AskSara is written by healthcare professionals and equipment experts; our advice is not influenced by commercial relationships with suppliers in any way. Our listings of suppliers prioritise those who belong to a Trade Association that operates a transparent, regulated Code of Practice, providing you with protection. DLF is a charity that is governed by the Charity Commission and we work for the benefit of disabled and older people.

The information and advice contained in the reports is governed by the NHS's The Information Standard, a certification scheme for health and social care information. Our product listings are regularly checked by a dedicated team who keeps in touch with suppliers, ensuring the information we provide to you is correct. If you find information that is not up to date, please contact data.services@dlf.org.uk

It can be hard to find specialist products and many are wary of being sold items that may not meet their needs or that are over-priced. AskSARA offers impartial advice written by Occupational Therapists: we do not push products, but offer recommendations based on your needs. Using AskSARA gives you the option to research and compare a range of products and read unbiased, expert advice and information about equipment before contacting suppliers

AskSARA covers a wide range of topics

AskSARA covers a wide range of topics for adults and children, including products and ideas to help with physical and mental health, carrying out tasks around the home and getting out and about. It also covers obtaining funding and assistance in purchasing equipment and carrying out home adaptations. Advice is available without the need to register or provide any personal details.

Advice and tips

AskSARA will give you heaps of advice and tips for you to share with your family and friends.

Shopping support

AskSARA will search the market to find the products that might be right for you.

Helping you decide

You’ll have access to an impartial list of thousands of products and suppliers: jump in, browse through and select the equipment you want.


Your personalised report will help you to explore your options and gain confidence in finding solutions that suit you.

License AskSARA

AskSARA can be licenced by local authorities, companies and charities to meet the needs of their residents, customers and members. It is now used by some of the leading companies in the UK to help guide customers to their own range of products, while also providing them with the expert advice they need.

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