Medication management

Advice regarding medication management, such as remembering to take medication, removing pills from packets, crushing and splitting pills.


Includes equipment for listening to sounds in the home such as music, the television and using the telephone as well as equipment for one to one conversations and meetings. Equipment which may help individuals who experience Tinnitus is also included. The section was produced in collaboration with Action on Hearing Loss (formerly RNID).


Products and ideas which may be useful for blind or partially sighted people. This section is split into sections relating to: communication including writing, reading, using a computer or telephone; household and personal products; hobbies and leisure; time and date; and shopping and going out.


Advice relating to the loss of the sense of smell.

Memory and mood

A range of advice and product ideas relating to memory. This includes remembering the date or appointments, remembering the way home, remembering medication and turning off kitchen appliances.


Includes sections on walking, falls, sitting and standing and wheelchair and scooter accessories.

Low energy or shortness of breath

Products and ideas for people with decreased energy levels, reduced stamina or breathing difficulties.

Reaching, handling and holding objects

Sections listing a range of ideas and products which may assist with grasping, holding, turning, reaching for or picking up various household objects and controls.


Advice for people who smoke.