Preparing meals, eating and drinking

This section includes preparing food and drink, eating and drinking and washing up.

Shopping, driving and transport

Information and advice on the activity of shopping. Including aspects such as mobility, carrying shopping and using money.

Clothes, shoes and dressing

Includes two sections Dressing suggests products and advice that could help if you have difficulty with dressing or putting your shoes on. Clothes and footwear lists clothes that may be easier to put on / take off, large sizes and non standard sizes of footwear.


A range of product ideas and advice split into sections covering use of the telephone, amplification of conversations and meetings and difficulties with speech.

Gardening, hobbies and leisure

Includes advice and equipment ideas which may help with craft activities, indoor games, ball games, gardening and recreational walking.

Help in emergencies

Includes advice on obtaining help in an emergency and some tips on preparing for an emergency

Household chores

Including taking out the rubbish, collecting post, washing clothes and feeding pets

Bathing, toileting and personal care

Includes advice and equipment ideas to help with bathing, showering and hair care, getting on and off the toilet, getting to the toilet and using the toilet.


Includes advice on sleeping, getting into bed and mobilising in bed.