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  • Household chores

    Including taking out the rubbish, collecting post, washing clothes and feeding pets.

    Locking up & security

    Image of Locking up & securityIncluding advice on turning keys, safety chains, key safes, intercoms, lighting and shredding

    Washing and ironing clothes

    Image of Washing and ironing clothes Ideas and products to assist washing by hand, ironing or using a washing machine. The section includes using a washing line, or rotary dryer to dry clothes outside.

    Sending and receiving post

    Image of Sending and receiving post Advice and products for posting, collecting and picking up post that has been delivered to your home.

    DIY and home maintenance

    Image of DIY and home maintenance Includes advice on choosing hand and power tools and practical jobs such as bleeding radiators and planning doors.

    Sweeping floors and vacuuming

    Image of Sweeping floors and vacuuming Includes advice and product listings on vacuum cleaners with features to enhance ease of use, vacuums with filtration systems to reduce allergens and long handled dust pans and brushes.

    Caring for pets

    Image of Caring for pets Advice and products that could help when caring for your pets.

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