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  • Fittings and fixtures inside the home

    Includes advice on doors, windows, flooring, furniture, lighting and taps..


    Image of Furniture Including advice on moving furniture, knobs, handles and drawers


    Image of Doors Including advice on opening doors, locking doors and managing door thresholds


    Image of Flooring Including advice on carpet and rug safety and non slip flooring

    Windows, curtains and blinds

    Image of Windows, curtains and blinds Includes advice on opening and closing windows and curtains, and using window locks


    Image of Storage Includes advice on using cupboards, your attic and cellar for storage

    Switches, plugs and sockets

    Image of Switches, plugs and sockets Including suggestions to assist with removing plugs and reaching sockets


    Image of Lighting Includes advice on ceiling lighting, lamps, and light switches

    Heating your home

    Image of Heating your home Including advice on central heating and portable heaters


    Image of Taps Includes advice on tap turners, lever taps, limiting the temperature of water and turning off your mains water

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