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  • Your home

    Living arrangements, household locations, fixtures and fittings and more.



    Image of Bathroom

    Includes sections giving advice and product ideas which may help when using the bath, shower or basin as well as bathroom safety


    Image of Toilet

    Advice and product suggestions related to the use of a toilet. This section is split into three sections on getting on and off the toilet, getting to the toilet and using the toilet.


    Image of Bedroom

    Includes sections giving product ideas and advice which may help with getting on and off your bed, sleeping and bedroom furnishings


    Image of Kitchen

    Includes sections on kitchen appliances, kitchen cupboards and worktops, and preparing food and drink


    Image of Stairs

    Includes advice on staircase lighting, flooring and stair rails as well as stairlifts and through-floor lifts

    Living room

    Image of Living room

    Includes advice on sitting and standing from chairs or sofas, managing furniture and using the television.

    Garden and home entrance

    Image of Garden and home entrance

    Including advice on steps, grab rails, external lighting, key turners, security and answering the door

    Fittings and fixtures inside the home

    Image of Fittings and fixtures inside the home

    Includes advice on doors, windows, flooring, furniture, lighting and taps.

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