Using a telephone

A range of product ideas and advice for making and answering telephone calls, but not specifically related to hearing.

Telephones and your hearing

Advice and product ideas relating to the telephone for people with profound hearing loss and for people who are hard of hearing. For example, being alerted to the phone ringing and hearing the person calling. Produced in collaboration with Action on Hearing Loss (formerly RNID).

Reading & writing

A range of products and ideas including devices for magnification when reading, holding a book, gripping a pen, Braille, Moon and equipment for adapting a computer.

Using a computer

Includes advice and product suggestions for users who experience difficulty viewing their sceen, operating the keyboard or mouse. The section also includes lists of Braille computer equipment.

Hearing conversations & meetings

Advice and product ideas relating to hearing conversations and meetings. For both hearing aid and non hearing aid users.


Advice and product ideas for people who have no speech or who have difficulty speaking.

Sending and receiving post

Advice and products for posting, collecting and picking up post that has been delivered to your home.