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  • License AskSARA

    More and more organisations are choosing to license AskSARA to customise the service for their own needs.

    For example many Local Authorities are using AskSARA to meet new legislation set in place by the Care Act 2014 whilst providing universal access to advice and information about daily living equipment to residents.

    Large companies are also using it to offer advice and guide customers to suitable products they supply.

    Contact DLF

    For further information or to enquire about licensing AskSARA

    Telephone: 020 7432 8019
    Email: DLF marketing department

    Information for suppliers

    1. How do I get my information into AskSARA?
    Any product that falls into one of our product categories and can be supplied direct to the public and/or a public sector body anywhere across the UK can be included in our websites. It is free to be included. If you are a national manufacturer or supplier who is already listed on our database and your product is not listed, please use our self service system to add your product details. If you are a supplier of products anywhere in the UK and you aren't listed submit your company details to our Data Services Team.

    If you are a local retailer and you would like to be listed as a local retailer in AskSARA, Living Made Easy and DLF Data we will need you to provide information on your company and answer a few questions. Please submit your details using this form or contact our Data Services team on 020 7289 6111 option 5.

    2. Some of the information listed about my products or my organisation is incorrect. How do I get this changed?
    Please contact our Data Services team for more information on how to correct your details. Please mention that the incorrect information is appearing and be specific what that incorrect information is.

    You can also register to use our self service system to update certain information e.g. price, availability, manufacturer's description.

    3. Where can I find out about sponsorship opportunities with DLF?

    You can read more about sponsorship opportunities in our sponsorship section. Please contact our Marketing department for more information on sponsorship opportunities.

    4. I am a manufacturer. Your website lists certain suppliers as supplying my product but my company does not sell to them or no longer does business with them. What should I do?

    DLF updates its information based on details provided by companies and does so in good faith. If you are the manufacturer of a product you have the right to request removal of any supplier listed as supplying the product(s) you manufacture. DLF reserves the right to investigate further any request by a company to remove supplier(s) attached to the product(s) in question. Only the manufacturer of the product in question can request removal of a supplier from the product, and any company found abusing this system (i.e. claiming to be the manufacturer when they are not) will be removed from our system permanently. To request removal of a supplier(s) from a product(s), the manufacturer must:

    • Provide DLF with a list of products they would like the supplier(s) to be removed from and the name(s) of the suppliers they wish to be removed. This has to be a list of individual product names written exactly as they appear.
    • Confirm that they are the manufacturer of the product (their company name will be added to the manufacturer field of the database, which will be viewable by users)
    The above must be in the form of a letter or email to our Data Services team.
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